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Valentines day, Miku

 I need'a Valentine, 

And I spot a cute little Miku.

Would you like to join the most awesome man on campus for valentines day, Miku?

Im boooored!

(The camera fades on, and all that can be seen his a mess off platinum blonde hair rested on a pair of arms)

I'm so boooored! (Muffled slightly, groans)

(Prussia looks up) Why is the place so boring? Lots of people yet it so boring, its like a nursing home (makes a face)

Is there anything fun to do here?! (Prussia smirks a bit, and pushs his hair back, so its flat on his head and out of his eyes)

I am requesting clarafation on this ASAP! (Imitating his brother, Germany)


 Ugh, I cant wait until this vacation is over, being stuck in this room with professor death, Francis, and this bitchy bratty wanna-be- Princess Renge is annoying.

I keep finding underwear on MY bed, Girls friggin underwear, RENGE, keep your stuff on YOUR bed! 

I need to get out of this room. I havent been to the beach once yet. 

Anyone want to join me? ....I dont care who it is, as long as its not Ivan. 

*Gets a evil idea* Ahh, Renge, why dont YOU come to the beach with me?

No date..
 Theres a dance tommarow? I don't have a date...and I dont dance...
I think I'm gong to stay here...
Or go solo.
Unless someone wants to come with me?
You got a date Francis?
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Prussia 1: Intro
Ah, this school is big...
Seems there are quite a few other nations here too
Ugh Including that stupid vodka gussling blonde Russia, ugh.
hold on...France is here too?! Great! At least I won't be completely bored out of my mind!

Who the hell is Kastel? I'm suppose to be roomed with him?

OOC: Prussia APP
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