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Wanna go home!

 I want to go back, Period.

All this traveling is annoying me, and I haven't seen Miku at all! if you get this message, we need to meet up soon....Gilbird misses Hachune, he won't admit it though! he's to awesome he said.

Anyway, Drualt, Where are you? I need to ask you something ...kind of important! so don't you just run off and decide not to respond to this!!

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...Why do you care where I'm at?...whatever, anyway, what do you want that is so important?

....you better not tell a damn soul I asked you about this...

I asked Miku to er be my girlfriend...and you and me both know that this is my first.

long story sort, I have no idea what I'm even supposed to be doing!


Gilbert!! I missed you!!

hachune: BIRDIE!!!

Your ok! good, I was wondering about you guys.
This place doesn't look to horrible, want to come meet me and Gilbird at the pool?

Gilbird: *peep!* *translation: Hachune!*

I couldn't find you at that nice garden, and I wasn't feeling well in Egypt because of the heat, but at least we're together here!
Sure! I'll be right over!


Ok, see you soon!

(OOC: Action tags or log? )

Oh so you survived huh....


Stop complaining Prussia. It is making you sound like sissy little girl.

Oh wait-

Okay, nevermind my previous comment, for a moment I was forgetting who I was talking to~

I'm not allowed to be cranky when I can't even find my own damn girlfriend?

Just butt out.

You have a girlfriend?

... Do not do it, it only ends in messes.

Your bird is a boy? I thought it was a girl bird!

Poppy is a boy... i think...

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