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 Hey! It's Gilbert...again!

Are you busy?...I mean, are you busy like tonight? Because, I'm going into town to look around and stuff and-...wanna come with me? 

I uh also have something for you..


(OOC: this was MEANT to be private, but Gil failed at HTML, lol)

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Oh, sure!
That... that would be really nice

Can I pick you up? You can meet me outside of the school, I'll pick you up...ok?

Ok. See you soon.
(ooc: Log or tag?)

(OOC: Doesn't matter to me! you pick it!)

(Well I do need log points. Can you set it up or shoul I?)

(ok, I'll get ot it seen. First I gots to have breakfast!^^ )

(OOC: k. I'll be waitin'!)

AWWW Mon Ami has a AMOUR! I got to tell Antonio!~

Wha-?! Fuck off Francis! And get the hell out of my post! Don't you have a Russian to fuck or something?!

AND MISS THIS! NON! My Russian is...out of sorts at the moment...And all there...In all meaning's of the word...

Your gonna miss it, it's none of you bussiness! go away!

I don't want to know...

I am so going away....

Want to burn something for me?

Burn something? what? why?

Because it's ruined! A whole outfit RUINED...I can't bare it...I didn't even notice I was wearing my favorite coat and now it's stained permanently...I might cry...

You want me to burn your clothes???


stained with WHAT?! better not be nothing from Russia....ew


I don't have time to do it safely...



How the hell did you get blood on them?

.....By helping ludwig with something...What does it matter?

beacause it does. and I highly doubt you were doing anything bloody with my brother

Ludwig needed someone to watch over some wounded people, I tried to apply a little first aid and stop the bleeding, just so happen to have gotten blood all over me...Okay? That's all.

Bullshit, your lying. I’ve been around you a long time, I know when your being
dishonest Frenchie!

So, why do you want ME to burn them??


I got no time and I was hoping you wouldn't ask questions or lead belarus anywhere near here.

Whatever, I'll do it. And I am going to ask him, if he lies, YOU pay for it.

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