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Chaos is love, love is hate? and hate is what i live for.
 Everyones freaking out, ahh I love the chaos,


Ahhh Russia, chasing people around are you? thats expected.

*creepy little Prussia giggle*


Franceee? your hiding? aww come out and play! Im lonely!!!


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What are you babbling about Prussia?

And why is everyone after Francis? I had not realised you were all signing up for the Bonnefoy fanclub

ha, everyone is looking for Francis haha.

I'm looking for Francis, because I'm lonely and I'm horny.

Umm.. Prussia-san? I..i...is this really you?

Who else would it be? no one else is capable of producing my awesomeness!

S..sorry... y..you sound kind of.. different...

You know Gilly, I had a really great time on our date, even though you just probably picked me at random.
I think I want to go a little further

Picked you out at random? Hmm, no.
I'm not stupid, dear. I know your one of us, your infected.


So, is that a no?

That will not be happening, Zatsune. I have gained orders too stop you at all costs.

Well if it isn't the baka era confused samurai. Long time no see

Hey, west. *smile/smirk*

*shocked face* Vhat zhe-

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